How to Become a Certified House Inspector

Whatever you buy, getting value for money is usually a matter of the greatest importance. It might not be really a problem when you’ve overpaid for something that is cheap and unimportant. When it comes to purchasing a house, this might be the most responsible deal you have ever done in your life.

Unless you are a professional builder, to assess the real condition of the house you are going to buy may be quite difficult.

Although it might seem to be a good-looking house, at first sight, this, in fact, could simply appear a beautifully disguised ruin.

To make sure that the house is inhabitable and is worth the money to be paid for it, you should hire a competent person to inspect it. There are a lot of different things that require thorough professional examination. That is why when it comes to buying a home, it is strongly recommended to use the service of a certified house inspector.

The inspectors provide their clients with written reports on the houses they have been asked to assess. They usually work for themselves and charge about $250-350 per inspection. It is quite a lucrative profession and demand for such individuals is continuously growing.

So, how to become a certified house inspector and what steps should be taken to achieve such an ambitious goal?

Well, to become the one, you will need to get a special certificate. This certificate can be given after finishing, for example, a Texas real estate pre-licensing school. Its compulsory for an inspector to have it in order to obtain the license to inspect properties. Depending on the state you are gonna work in, you might also be required to reach a particular age and have liability insurance to receive the license.

Home inspector courses may also be found on the Internet. There you will learn basics of interior construction, different property marketing techniques and how to make an inspection report.

You can also contact a local community college and ask whether they have the home inspector courses available. Actually, there are many schools where you can get the certificate. Just call the Examination Board of Home Inspectors and they will provide you with this sort of information.

When finishing the school, you will need to pass the National Home Inspection Examination. Once you’ve passed it, they will give you the certificate, needed to obtain the license.

So, use these tips and become the lucrative career of a certified home inspector.

Author: Sara Mathis

I am a Sara Mathis a newbie in the real estate industry in Cedar Park, Texas.