Investing in real estate to create multiple streams of income

Having multiple streams of income is very attractive to many people because it provides you with a level of security that you just don’t have with a single stream of income. Many people think that real estate investing is one of the very best ways to build long term residual income and I have to agree.

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Let’s say it took you an entire year to find and put together your first deal (we have students in our residential mentoring program who are averaging one a month, but let’s be conservative.)

After a year of part-time effort, maybe 5-10 hours a week, you have your first deal set up. And each month you are earning a stream of income from the property, plus you collected a big chunk up-front as the option payment, and you are waiting to collect a huge chunk of money down the line when your tenant-buyer gets new financing for the property and purchases.

Easy way to make money through real estate

If you are just getting started with the idea of making money from buying or selling real estate you need to first get your State of Texas Real Estate License so you will be certified. The fastest way to get your real estate license is from an online real estate school.

Once you get licensed you can start looking for the best deals. Then the next year you go out and look for more deals. By now you are much better at it and you find two deals. Again, once you set up each deal, it’s a hands-off investment pumping residual streams of monthly cash-flow into your bank account.

In year three you find four properties in your spare time and set them up. You keep doing more and more deals as your expertise increases.

The only limit is your own ambition…

By setting up each property as an independent money-making machine for yourself, you are creating multiple streams of income buying homes in nice areas with nothing down.

image 43Gaining information’s and knowledge about how to get your real estate license so you can become an agent or broker is very important. Even though that you have the capital to start buying real estate, it is still very important that you have to gain knowledge and strategies to succeed in it.

If you’re thinking, you need to get educated on real estate and learn about the laws and how to get licensed, there are actually many ways to learn. Reading books about real estate is helpful in the first stages. Surfing the Internet is another way to learn since there are heaps of sites that offer tips, guidelines about real estate.

One of the keys to become a successful real estate sales person is getting educated from an online real estate school that can get you licensed. Each time you educate yourself, you’ll learn more about how to succeed in the real estate business, and this will then give you ideas about how to do it even more profitably the next time.

When it comes to acquiring a Texas real estate license, some may wonder how long after acquiring the license will need to pass before their professional earnings are significant. Honestly, it is difficult to put a time frame on the amount of time it would take for a real estate career to take off.

However, if an individual has the right educational background in real estate and then puts great effort into their job when they graduate, the odds of achieving success in a reasonable amount of time will increase significantly.

Of course, this means it is important to select the right school for your real estate license. While experience counts for a lot, a solid educational background is the first step in your professional journey. That is why selecting a top school for your real estate license is so important.

Author: Sara Mathis

I am a Sara Mathis a newbie in the real estate industry in Cedar Park, Texas.